Project Description

This project will provide for computerization of a small enterprise whose main goal is to keep track on their inventory and billing process and  transaction process.

The Inventory management software will make storing of the stock records, sales records, purchase information, and customer information a lot easier. The supplier and sales information in the database will automatically generate bills when the customer buys the mobile. The bill history can be retrieved promptly. And reports will be generated based on different criteria’s.

Modules of Inventory Management Software

  • Customer Module : We can manage all the operations related to customers from this module.
  • Payment module : All the payment operations are done by this module.
  • Sales Module : This modules is used to perform sales functionalities.
  • Stock Modules : It manage all the functionalities of stock.

Advantages of Inventory Management Software

  • Saves Costs: The usage of this software helps businesses save unnecessary expenses by diminishing the money spent on unnecessary parts and products in storage space. There’s sufficient reserve in hand to handle any kind of demand.
  • Increased Efficiency: Inventory Management Software System increases efficiency by automatically accomplishing time consuming and complicated tasks related to data, calculation and records.
  • Update data on Inventory: The Inventory Management Software system informs the executives on inventory records.